The Big Move To WA

Making the move

At first glance, including a chapter on ‘Making The Big Move to WA’ might seem a little at odds with the direction of a book like this.

But when you think about it, isn’t migration a major influencing factor in the growth and development of any location? And, by extension, the engine room for the State’s building industry?

In recent years, the boom in Western Australia’s mining and oil & gas natural resources has attracted new arrivals from interstate and overseas that have ballooned our population. The boom time might be over, according to the pundits, but Western Australia, and Perth in particular, is still a magnet to people everywhere with its ‘wide-open’ appeal, stunning, beach-fringed coastline and healthy lifestyle.

So, this special section was included to provide an overview of what life is like in Perth and the different regions that make up this great, vast state. We have reproduced it here in pdf format as a convenient quick reference source for new arrivals and those curious to find out more about what life is like in the Burning West!

(Download) 36page pdf – ‘Making the Move’